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The sear comes with 2 parts.  The sear and a new sear spring for MKII's.  If this is going into a 22/45, give the spring to a friend or the trash can.

I installed the new sear the same time I installed the Clark trigger, so I can't compare the new sear to the old, but the trigger and sear work great together.

This modification is by far the easiest I have done so far.  You disassemble your gun, swap the factory sear for the new one and reassemble.  



Please Read Disclaimer

1. Field Strip the gun. (Instructions)

2. Remove Trigger. (Instructions) It is not necessary to remove the trigger, but it does make it easier.

3. Disassemble the Hammer. (Instructions)

4. Disassemble the Sear. (Instructions)

5. Swap Factory sear for new sear

6. Install the Sear. (Instructions)

7. Install hammer. (Instructions)

8. Install Trigger. (Instructions)

9. Assemble gun as normal.