Sear Assembly

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Field Strip
Trigger Assembly
Hammer Assem.
Sear Assembly
Mag Rel Assem.
Magazine Assem.
Bolt Assembly
Diagram(s) of part names in this assembly:
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Disassembly of Sear

1. Field Strip the gun. (Instructions)

2. Remove Trigger. (Instructions) It is not necessary to remove the trigger, but it does make it easier.

3. Disassemble the Hammer. (Instructions)

4. With the hammer removed, push the sear pivot pin out of the grip.

5. Remove the sear and sear spring.


Assembly of Sear

1.  Insert the sear, curved side facing back.  Hold it in place with the pivot pin half way in, notch side down.

2.  Install the spring, long side against the frame (blue arrow).  The bottom of the long arm of the spring goes into a small covered area (red) molded into the grip.

3. Push the pin the rest of the way in.

4. Install hammer. (Instructions)

5. Once tension is on the sear spring (hammer pivot pin is in place), move the sear pivot pin slightly from side to side to ensure the spring is retaining the pin.

6. Install Trigger. (Instructions)

7. Assemble gun as normal.