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Diagram(s) of part names in this assembly:
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Disassembly of the Magazine

1.  Remove magazine from Gun.

2.  Remove any rounds in the magazine.

3.  Locate on the bottom of the magazine the Block Retainer Plunger (Fig. 1 blue circle).

4.  Push down on the Retainer Plunger about 1/4 inch (Fig. 2 green arrow). While pushing down on the Retainer, slide the Block forward (Fig. 2 red arrow).
CAUTION: The Retainer is under a good amount of pressure, removing the Block will free the Plunger and will cause it to shoot out if you are not careful.

5.  Slide the Follower Button down to the wide part of the channel (Fig. 2 blue circle).

6.  Remove the Follower Button.

7.  Remove the Follower.

Assembly of the Magazine

1.  Take the Magazine Spring and place the Follower on one end and the Block Retainer Plunger on the other (Fig. 3 red arrows).

2.  Insert the Follower into the bottom of the Magazine Body with the slope of the Follower the same as the slope of the top of the Magazine Body (Fig. 3 blue lines)

3.  Line the hole in the Follower up to the wide part of the channel in the Magazine Body and insert the Follower Button (Fig. 4).
NOTE:  if you put the Follower Button in on the wrong side it will not stop the gun from working but it will no longer hold the bolt open when the magazine is empty.

4.  Slide the Follower Button all the way to the top of the magazine (Fig. 5).

5.  Push the Block Retainer Plunger and exposed Spring inside the magazine and hold it.

6.  Slide the Block back onto the bottom of the magazine.  A "click" should be heard as the Block Retainer Plunger seats itself into the Block when it is slid inplace.